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Ag Excellence 2012 Annual Forum & Awards Dinner 

On March 29th & 30th, Ag Excellence held it's annual Forum and Awards Dinner.    

Congratulations to Yorke Peninsula Alkaline Soils Group, who received the Ag Excellence Sustainability Award, kindly sponsored by Department of Environment & Natural Resouces.  Congratulations also go to the Angaston Ag Bureau, who received an Encouragement Award.

Yvonne Correll (left) & Heather Baldock (right) accept the Ancouragement Award on behalf of the Angaston Ag Bureau from Allan Holmes, DENR Chief Executive


A highlight of the dinner was the presentation by guest speaker, Dale Elliott


Bill Long, Chair of Ag Excellence, welcomes particpants to the Annual Forum



Garry Reynolds (Caring for our Country), Jules Dixon (AMPS Agribusiness) and Ben Miles (Syngenta) spoke on alternative funding models for Farming System Groups


Mandy Pearce, Project Manager, conducting the AGM directly after the forum



Adoption Theory & Process Workshop

On Friday, 8th July 2011, Ag Ex ran a workshop on Adoption Theory & Process, using the new Adoption & Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool, which has been developed by the CSIRO.

Participants were introduced to the new tool, and allowed to give it a test drive.  Feedback was very positive, with most participants indicating that they could see the benefits of the tool in assessing the potential success of projects, or in identifying barriers to success (thus allowing them to address these accordingly).

The workshop also included an interesting and informative session run by Ag Ex Chair, Bill Long, who spoke about decision making.

Another speaker was Dr Jeff Coutts, who has a strong background in managing and evaluating change in rural industries and communities.  He spoke about adoption theories and barriers, and also planning, monitoring and measuring extension projects.  This presentation was also well-received, with participants benefiting from the information provided from a project evaluator’s point of view. Dr Coutts' presentation can be viewed here

This day was provided thanks to the support of Grains Research and Development Corporation 

Strategic Planning Session

Ag Ex recently held it’s Strategic Planning Session

Agex strategic plan                            Jeanette facilitating                                 Claire and Ceris

Charlton and Stan                                Michael and Dene                               Leighton & Mandy

2011 Grower Group Awards

Elders Ag Ex Grower Awards

Ag Excellence Alliance Holds an Annual Award for Grower Groups in South Australia.

2011 Elders Ag Excellence Grower Group Award Dinner 2011


Elders 2011 Sponsor of Grower Awards


Guidelines for Elders Ag Excellence Alliance Grower Awards for 2011.- PDF

2011 Ag Excellence Alliance Grower Group Award Application- PDF    - Word.doc

Awards Dinner is the 31st of March at the Rockford Adelaide Hotel, Hindley St